Circuit Boards

Surface Mount Line (Click to enlarge)
Manufacturer / Model Description
    Grieve / 333 (qty 4) Curing Ovens
    Mertec / MV-3L Automatic Optical Inspection
    Mertec / MV-7XI Automatic Optical Inspection
    Cencorp / 1001SR Panel Router / Depanelizer
    Universal / Advantis X (qty 2) Pick & Place Systems – Lightning Head
    Universal / Advantis X (qty 2) Pick & Place Systems 7-Spindle Head
    FKN Systek / K3000S Linear Blade Depanelizer
    Hepco / Model 8000-1 Axial Lead Cutting & Forming System
    Hepco / Model 3000-2 Lead Cutting System
    Electrovert / Omniflo 7 Convection Reflow Oven 7-Zone
    Electrovert / H-500 SMT In Line Aqueous Cleaning System
    Instron Shore / Model S1 Handheld Digital Durometer
    Rehm / VXS 2450 In Line Air Oven 10-Zone
    Ace Productions / KNG-40 Nitrogen Generation System
    CyperOptics / Sentry 2000 Solder Paste Inspection System
    Dispense Works / RP-1215 Compound (Epoxy) Dispenser
    ACD / Super M.O.L.E. Gold 6 Channel Temperature Profiler
    Ace Productions / KISS-103 Selective Wave Solder System
    Ace Productions / KISS-103 Gen II Selective Wave Solder System
    Seika Machinery / DXU-1001(qty 2) Temp/Humidity Chambers
    Seika Machinery / MCU-301 SE Temp/Humidity Chamber
    Aqueous Technologies / AQ-201SC Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner
    Speedline Tech / MPM AP25HiE (qty 2) Screen Printers with Alignment Vision
    ERSA / IR/PL 650A BGA Rework Station
    DEK Horizon 03iX Screen Printer
    TYCO / Model BMEP-5T Electric Press